A woodcarving and architectural elements Design studio

Who are we?

A boutique design and architectural elements firm designing and producing the most innovative architectural elements and custom projects in the industry.We specialize in wooden balustrades (balusters, newels and handrails),mantels, corbels and other architectural items.

How can we work with you?


We can design, provide you with drawings, revise those drawings and produce any project for you. Send us your plans, provide us with a baseline and let us take care of the rest.

Custom Project

If you are working on a project and have a design you would like produced, no problem. Send us your design, sketches or plans. We will work with you to provide a solution.

Production Elements

We have a portfolio of architectural elements and continue to add new designs and products. We also have 3-D scanning and CNC capabilities.


We've worked diligently to provide a sophisticated and dramatic newel and baluster collection for your enjoyment! Tell us what you think and let us know if we can be of assistance. 



Compelling design is a creation that aligns craftsmanship and elevates its purpose. Pencil lines reveal the pathways in scrupulous detail of an ingenious balance, which percolates from the Master Designer with composed artistry and practical utility. Though we can never fully appreciate the switchbacks a Master Designer encounters in his work, be assured that in the end - artistry will be unveiled. 



In the final analysis, our lives are an accumulation of experiences and our reactions to them.  Architecture and design enhance these experiences by integrating intelligent functionality and artistic form. Elements that are executed flawlessly gain our applause and heighten our sense of gratitude. In appreciation we succumb to reverie and as we participate - we attest to the excellence we are able to enjoy.

GORDON BRUNNER Global Executive

I was in charge of Global Research & Development for Procter & Gamble for 13 years. I came in contact with world class experts in many disciplines. I learned the importance of working with the best... and appreciate the skill of people who are really good... 


American Master  

Designer - Artist - Craftsman

“I hope you enjoy viewing my collections as much as I did creating them!"

   "I create interest and continuity in my pieces from historical adaptations, artistic variations and detailed execution. I spent years refining the designs we offer at August & Joseph. I believe that architects, designers and purchasers alike will find my newels and balusters elegant and sophisticated. I hope that you consider these products for your next project.” - Phil Smith

"Endless years of inspiration cultivates a 'Master' and conclusively an 'Artisan', accomplished by a rare, few gifted in execution - to even the highest expectations."

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