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Gordon Brunner comments on Phils Smiths ability

Gordon Brunner

"I was in charge of Global Research & Development for Procter & Gamble for 13 years. I came in contact with world class experts in many disciplines. I learned the importance of working with the best... and appreciate the skill of people who are really good...

I was very fortunate to cross paths with one of the finest woodcarvers in the world, Phil Smith... who has mastered this unique, very difficult, and increasingly rare artisan skill.

Phil worked on a number of projects with me over the years... and all the pieces were unique and masterfully executed.

I have found that one of the common, personal characteristics of world class experts is the modesty of their talent. That's certainly true of Phil Smith. Although his talent and ability is VERY RARE and maybe the best that exist, he always responds to a compliment with... "Really, no big deal."​

I can only say that PHIL SMITH is a pleasure to work with, whose woodcarving execution always exceeds even the highest expectations."

Kenneth Workman

RWA Architects, Inc.

"The carved wood architectural ornament supplied by... Phil Smith truly embody both timeless artistry and a high degree of precision."

Kenneth Workman, AIA, LEED AP

"We have known and greatly admired Phil's unique craftsmanship. Phil has carved several pieces for our home that always gets rave reviews from our guest." 

Barbara & Dick Bruder

“Phil is among the best I’ve ever run into.” 

Ed Gallenstein

"He's very rare... an artist."

Roseann Williams

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